Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Inspection

According to a report on the effectiveness of portable fire extinguishers, it was found that these handy fire suppressants have been found effective 95% of the time in putting out small fires. People from the fire safety departments have time and time again emphasized the installation of fire extinguishers in the buildings for improved safety from fire. 

It helps in controlling the fire until the firefighters come to rescue and this alone can help you save your life and any big damage to the property. But for it to work properly in the time of need, you have to regularly maintain them. regular fire extinguisher inspections help you get a comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection software android report to allow you to get crucial information on any dangers due to damages.

Why is fire extinguisher inspection important?

Fire extinguishers are used in emergency situations and in case if they are not regularly maintained they might not work on time. This can put your life in danger and cause huge damage to the property. Also, fire extinguisher inspections are required by state and federal ordinances for businesses. If not you might be inviting a lawsuit against your firm with hefty charges. Remain code complaint by regularly generating fire extinguisher inspection reports.

Why do the fire extinguishers need inspections?

A damaged fire extinguisher can be dangerous. Over time the canisters left outside in the damp areas might get corrode and due to corrosion, they might explode. Regular inspections help you ensure the canister is working properly in order and ready in event of a fire. Also, did you know there are different types of extinguishers? This means the dangers would be different. A regular fire extinguisher inspection report helps you understand the danger levels and for you to take proper action to ensure safety. Also, whether you have installed the right extinguisher as per your area and possible hazards.

Types of Fire extinguisher inspections

Importance of Regular Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Monthly Inspections

There are several companies that offer monthly fire extinguisher inspection services. Here is an all-inclusive checklist that will help you understand the process of fire extinguisher inspection report generation.

· The company will ensure if the extinguisher is installed at the right place and clearly visible and not blocked by any equipment or other object to interfere at the time of emergency.

· They will inspect the extinguisher nameplate, with the proper operating instructions. Also, the nameplate and instructions should be facing outwards.

· They will check the pressure gauge (the needle should be pointing the green zone).

· The pin and tamper seal should stay intact.

· Inspect the body of the extinguisher for any signs of physical damage, leakage, corrosion.

· Check every extinguisher by rocking it to determine if the dry powder is packed.

With this thorough inspection, they will generate a fire extinguisher inspection report to tell you if there is any need for replacement or reinstalling it to a more appropriate place.

Annual inspection

Different extinguishers from different fire inspection companies have their own time interval for inspection. It is highly recommended that you get the extinguishers checked at least once a year for annual testing and maintenance to stay sure.

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